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Position of President of the Unites States: Who Wants It?

Information About The Position:

Qualifications: The three main qualifications that have to had to obtain this high up position in the American government are that you have to be at least 35 years old, you must be a native-born American citizen (meaning that you have to have been born in the United States), and you have to have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

Duties/Roles/Responsibilities: The roles of the president are Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, Legislative Leader, Head of State, Economic Leader, and Party Leader.

  • The president is the Chief Executive, which means that he is responsible for carrying out the nation's laws. One way that the president is able to do this is by being in charge of 15 cabinet departments. Because of this, the President is the boss of about three million federal workers.
  • The president is the Commander-in-Chief, which means that he is in charge of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. He can also order soldiers into battle. The president and Congress share the power of deciding when to declare war.
  • The president is the Legislature Leader, he plays a big role in making the decision of whether or not bills can become laws. He has a legislative agenda that he has to sum up to Congress annually because it's a required occurrence by the Constitution. The president has to create a legislative program of laws that they would like to become official in the future.
  • The president is the Head of State, which is a more of a ceremonial role. Being the Head of State makes the president a living symbol of the country by attending and contributing to ceremonies and special events. This role also means that the president has the responsibility of having to meet with foreign officials, such as kings, prime ministers, or dignitaries, when the visit America. This role also comes with the responsibility of giving medals to American heroes and lighting the national Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.
  • The president is the Economic Leader, which means that the president has the responsibility of dealing with many economical issues, such as unemployment rates, inflation, and high taxes. One of the main goals of every president is help the country's economy prosper. The president also has the responsibility of planning the government's budget every year.
  • The president is the Party Leader, which means that the president is viewed as the leader of their political party (Republican or Democrat) and is responsible for appointing the political party's chairperson. The main goal of this role of the president is to get that party's officials elected and therefore, have some influence from that political party in the government.

Perks/Compensation: Some perks that come with this position in the government is that you are big boss, with some restrictions as well due to the system of Checks and Balances that keeps our government from having too power in one or more of the branches. Another perk of being the president of the United States is that you have the opportunity to meet some of the most distinguished foreign officials from all over the world, such as the Prime Minister of England and Australia, Kings of African countries, etc.

Examples of Awesome Presidency: