Music For My Trailer

From inspiration to selection

In the lesson today I have been thinking about music choice for my trailer. I have learnt how important it is to consider how music choice for my trailer must convey narrative and genre correctly to avoid it seeming disconnected.

Movie Trailer Music: It's Not What You Think - The Guardian
This article informed me of famous film music composers such as John Beal. Before reading this article I was unaware that music comes before the film. The trailer for a film can come out while the actual film is still in post-production. Therefore the trailer music must already be chosen and convey the correct themes to my audience that my film will fall in line with.

While researching music for my trailer I decided to look at trailer music for films in the same genre as mine.

Inception Theatrical Trailer

The music for inception is quite orchestral with the use of violin, cello, horns and large drums. The music starts of in a calm lull with a quite delicate sound that is occasionally broken by the sound a horn. This is in keeping with the idea of disruption in the mind. The music then begins to build with more instruments being added to the sound so it builds up until a key shot comes on screen and the music cuts to silence but then beings to build again until another key moment. This creates tension as the audience can sense the music is going to change but it does not happen the first time so they become more eager for it to change the second time. After this the music becomes very grand and orchestral making it more impacting and bringing with it a quicker pace. The music appears very important in this trailer as it drives the visual action. The shots have been edited in time with the music so they are more memorable as they image is paired with a sudden influx or decrease in sound. When the pace of the music changes the shot pace also changes signifying an alteration in the content of the trailer as the more action focused scenes form a montage.
'Inception' Trailer 2 HD

Overall, the music provides a good structure for the trailer and allows both the two main aspects of the film (plot and famous actors) to be displayed

Inception Teaser Trailer

INCEPTION teaser trailer
Looking at Inception's teaser trailer, the music only features the calm beginning section, however it builds faster to an ultimatum at the very end of the trailer rather than the middle of it.

Teaser vs. Theatrical

Overall, I do prefer the theatrical's music even though I myself am doing a teaser trailer. I find the theatrical trailer's music has more impact and interests me more in going to see the film. Therefore, I will find a music track that builds towards the middle and then features a pace change as this will provide me with a good structure of editing and planning shots.

Choosing My Music

I chose this musical piece for my trailer because:

> It has uses orchestral instruments which is a common feature in the soundtracks of psychological dramas.

>It builds to the middle and has a very full-on sound that would suit an action montage.
>It has a delicate, soft start and an end that comes to a natural fade.
>The start and middle section are repetitive so it will be easy to edit the track to fit a teaser trailer time frame without the track becoming disjointed.