Where Im From

Chris Foote


Im from the busisest place on the planet. I come from a place where people look out for themselves and themselves only.

Im from a place where you always better be looking over your shoulder and never be alone.

Im from a place bundled with rich corperate heads, dealers, trafficers, killers, tourists, all the above.

Im from a place where the wrong look will get you killed. I come from a place that has put a scar on my head that i will never forget.

I come from a place where there is no going back, no homecoming waiting for you. No golden throne you can sit on just the next crackhouse to enter.

You wanna know where i come from. I come from the big apple, i come from the king of bourghs, I come from shaolin. CTs nice but it aint my home and never will be. Im not like other people here. Sorry to be a pity but im from the dark streets of New York City.