By: Pranavi Gandikota


Romance is love shifting story.Sometimes you cry,laugh,and maybe you might be mad at the characters in the story. Romance people say it Yuck!Some people say Awe! But

A romance is a girls sorrow or a guys dreams.


A memoir is a book filled with someones memories. It can be about the days of world war 2. A memoir is a way of showing a persons feelings in the past or present. It has a feel that will carry you on the persons whole journey till the end.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a genre about the past you can imagine the way that people lived back in the olden days. Historical fiction is a well written story about a time in life that you have not existed in. Many people think it is boring, but once you start reading it you will be amazed.


If you are in for a little spook then thriller is the correct book for you. Do like to read stuff that will give you nightmares, or books that will give you the chills for the rest of your night.Well than you must be brave, because I cant handle intense thriller but maybe a little won't hurt.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a great book if you love to read about the future. It combines a persons 2 favorite things science and technology. Have you read ENDER'S GAME and you like than go to the Science fiction side of your library and READ!!!!


Danadadah! If you love to solve puzzles or just like some mischievous. Than mystery is the correct genre for you each mystery has a puzzle for the main character. Maybe something was stolen or somebody dog napped. Who knows?


Hahahaha! If you are in bad mood than go to the humor side of your library and choose a book. You will laugh till you cry. Or sometimes you mifght laugh till you have stomach cramps.This book could be enjoyed in many situations, but mostly when you're heart was broken into a million pieces and you need something to lift your spirits up than grab a book that will make you laugh.


Dragons,Witches, and much more. You read a Harry Potter book than you my friend are a fantasy person.Fantasy is your imagination in a book. Maybe you might not like dragons but you like action packed and adventure then go right ahead and get the Percy Jackson series.


You might think this is the most boring thing in the world. Maybe you want to know your favorite basketball players life story than maybe you should go to the biography section in library search his name up and see if someone wrote about him.

Auto Biography

An autobiography is a book that is made by the person that is telling the story. It is usually a book about what happened in his/her life or of his/her life. They are like diaries, but diaries tell a story like what happened in “World War 2” or something. Autobiographies are something that happened before not during


The highly-risked combat of the main character which does an outstanding job to rescue something or someone.The main character does many crazy things to prove something to the audience. The character has a quest which in other words means a prophecy to achieve .