Aurora Frontier P-8 Staff Bulletin

December 14, 2015

What is happening at Frontier:

  • 12/14-Lauren Von Schaumburg's Birthday
  • 12/14-Building Council Meeting 2:45-3:45pm
  • 12/15-Watch Dogs Meeting-6:30-8:00pm-Gym
  • 12/16-Professional Development with Dr. Yemi-7:30-9:00am
  • 12/17-Last Day Quarter 2
  • 12/17-Red Day of Fun-potluck for lunch, meet at Golden Flame Wings for happy hour at 3:30pm
  • 12/18-Teacher Workday
  • 12/18-Staff breakfast-7:30, Media Center
  • 12/19-Christine Post's Birthday

  • Weekly Student Announcements are available at

    From APS media dept:

    I wanted to let you know about a wonderful story that 9 News is planning to cover on Monday morning. A group of Frontier P-8 students along with their bus driver, Greg Reil, noticed a sign along their route. It said “Please Return our Christmas Projection Light Stolen 12/6”. This was at a home of a military service member and students told the driver that they wanted to do something to help. They raised funds along with the driver and bought lights. They’ll be setting up the lights and then turning them on Monday morning.

    The story is expected to run live during the morning show at around 6:30 a.m. I will be at the stop to help coordinate. Just wanted to let you know how amazing your students are! Such a great story!

    Over Break:

    • 12/21-1/1-Winter Break!-Enjoy time with family!
    • 12/23-Rebecca Wonder's Birthday
    • 12/28-Julie Wilson's Birthday
    • 12/29-Candy Justa's Birthday

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    Want to give a shout out

    Is there something you want the school to know that your students are doing and we want to give a shout out over the announcements. Please take a shout out sheet in the mailbox outside my door and we will read your shout out during the announcements each morning.

    Gentle Reminder:

    Teacher duty day begins at 7:15 am. Please make sure that you are here at 7:15, so that you are ready for our students when they arrive.

    Cari's Corner

    This morning, I've been sitting at my desk thinking about and email that I received earlier this week from a colleague with a quote that touched my heart and made me think about our work here at Frontier.

    In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

    So, as I'm thinking about our work together through this lovely lens, I want to pause for a moment to tell you how much I appreciate each of you in your wild uniqueness, and how much I enjoy working and learning together. There is nothing that delights me more during these long days of work than stopping in the hall and listening to the wonderful learning that is happening in your classroom, getting an email about a story or question or update on how things are going here.

    Each of you is a gift--to our school community, your families, to the district, and to me. Thank you. For showing up day after day and doing your very best to make everyday magic happen for our kids. For creating environments where others can thrive. In short, I want to tell you that I truly enjoy your company and appreciate the opportunity to be associated with you.

    Hope the day is a perfect reflection of where you want and need to be--

    Here's to living gently, and teaching fiercely--

    Happy Holidays,


    ** We are in need of one more worker for Volleyball games. Contact Ron or Tom**

    Girls Volleyball Schedule:

    12/14-Frontier vs. Aurora West College Preparatory Academy

    • 7th Grade at AWCPA
    • 8th Grade at Frontier

    12/16-Frontier vs. East

    • 7th Grade at Frontier
    • 8th Grade at East

    Volleyball resumes January 6.

    If you are helping with supervision at a volleyball game, fill out a time card and give it to Lauren. Please make sure that you include a copy of your agreement for services with your time card.

    - If you are interested in coaching boys basketball please let Ron or Thomas know ASAP

    Professional Learning

    12/16 Wednesday late start: We will be in the media center learning with Dr. Stembridge

    PARCC scores
    - the state has created a resource link to support our learning around PARCC

    Read news 12-3-15 edition

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    From the Social Committee

    Holiday Party!

    Please join us for an evening of bowling fun for adults (staff members and spouse, significant others, or adult guest) at Moe's Original BBQ located at: 2727 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014 (720)306-6979

    We rented out all 8 bowling lanes for this event. Please plan on paying around $15 per person which will include your shoe rental and bowling. Payment will be paid at Moe's.

    Social Committee will provide many appetizers. If you wish to purchase main entrees off the menu or an adult beverage, please note that will be at your own expense.

    Please RSVP by Wed. Dec.16th to this fun post-holiday event as soon as possible so that we know how many bowlers to anticipate.

    We look forward to a fun night out at Moe's!!!

    Red Day of Fun!

    Please join us for a Red Day of Fun on December 17th!

    For lunch we will be serving crock pot pot luck in the lounge.

    At 3:30 we will meet at the Golden Flame Wings (in the movie Tavern shopping center) at 3:16 for a little pre-holiday get together.

    Can't wait to see everyone there!

    Staff Announcements

    Don't forget! Monday, December 14 will be Ms. Maria Acero's first day at Frontier. Let's make her feel welcome!

    Tableau Updates
    As the 2015-16 school year progresses additional build out of the Tableau system will occur. This build out will include the creation of completely new dashboards, as well as the customization of existing dashboards to better fit the needs of our district and schools. These changes are grouped together below. If you have questions about these updates or other Tableau related issues please contact Christina Ethier (, x.28337).

    AESOP Absence Reporting

    When entering absences into Aesop, it is very important that you enter the entire time that you will be absent. For licensed employees, this time is 7:15-3:15. You cannot enter times earlier or later to make it easier for the substitute. Aesop is how the district tracks each employee's leave (health or special), and it is imperative that your time is calculated correctly. If you are putting an absence in on a Wednesday, you should still put 7:15-3:15, and then add in the notes to the substitute that it is a late start Wednesday, and the sub does not have to arrive at school until 9:15. Please see Lauren Hennessy if you have any questions.

    December Pay Date Change

    In the past, December payments were issued the last working day before winter break. Starting this year, December payments will be issued the last business day of the month, which is December 30, 2015. This aligns with the monthly payroll dates for the rest of the year. The cutoff date for time cards remains the same, December 12, 2015.

    Please view the2015-16 payroll calendar for specific dates.

    CenturyLink Teachers & Technology Grant Program

    What: Grants are designed to help fund projects that advance student success through the innovative use of technology. Funds may be used to purchase equipment, hardware, software, supplies or to support professional development needs.

    Grant Duration and Amount: Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to Colorado teachers who put today’s technology to use for their students. Funds must be spent within 12 months of award.

    How: Apply online at Century Link Teachers & Technology Website

    Deadline: January 12, 2016. Winners will be notified after April 1, 2016.

    Eligibility: Preschool through 12th grade public, private and charter school teachers.

    To start, complete the Intent to Apply and Project Approval Form and submit it to the Office of Grants and Federal Programs. Our staff will gladly assist with any questions regarding the application process, as well as any proof reading or editing of applications.

    Superintendent's Bulletin Link:


    Thanks to all for a fantastic SOAR Assembly!

    Huge thanks to Candy & Peggy's class for their donation to Socks for Soles.

    Dean's Box

    • Duty this week- Stacy, Kurt, Cheryl, Jordan, Lisa, Rebecca C., Carrie, Lauren V., C. Robbens, Krisi, Jody, Justin, Joclyn, Jennifer, and Amy.

    • Electronic Think Times
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    Infinite Campus Issues-If you are having issues with the drop down menus in IC, here is an easy work around. When you are in a dialog box(a window that has choices in it) use the tab key to select the dropdown box. The box will have a highlight color around it. then use the up or down keys to show the desired choice. Press the Enter key to select the choice. Click OK or use the Tab key to use another dropdown menu in the same window. If you need help please let me know.

    Technology-Please have all the chromebooks, laptops, and netbooks in the carts by Thursday afternoon. It doesn't matter if they are in the correct carts or not. I am planning on going through and reorganizing them on Friday. Literacy teachers, please let me know if I need to visit your chromebook carts as well.


    Student Council is supporting 2 ongoing events: GreenWorks and Say No to Bullying & Drugs Wear Red Days.

    The GreenWorks Program is to encourage energy conversation. Our school can earn money by reducing our energy consumption school wide. Student Council has made some reminder notes for your classrooms that will be in your mailboxes. Ways to conserve energy in your classrooms: turn off projectors when not in use, turn lights off when the room is empty, remember to turn off your desktop and laptop computers at night. Student Council members will also be around occasionally doing "audits" as a way to monitor our energy conservation and build their awareness of conservation.

    Wear Red to Support No Bullying/No to Drugs December 16, Student Council is sponsoring Wear Red Day. Students will be encouraged to wear red to say No to Bullying and No to Drugs. Kayden from Student Council has a segment in this week's student announcement's to announce this day with more information. Primary teachers I will be contacting you about a Student Council member visiting your classroom to talk with your students this week about December 16.

    Equity in Learning Leadership Team

    • Yemi instructional rounds Wednesday December 16th.
    • Please watch the focus teachers videos prior to the rounds. They will be uploaded to the ELT google folder by Tuesday afternoon.
    • 1st and 2nd grade focus teacher google hangout 12/17 at 2:45 in the conference room
    • Surveys- Thanks to all for completing them. We will have the results this week.