Core Curriculum Content (CCC!)

Why use Core Curriculum Content in the classroom?

In years past, using visual media in the classroom meant wheeling in a cart with a 16mm projector or a deck to play videotapes or DVDs. These days, teachers access visual media through the internet. But how can they be assured that what they are downloading is trustworthy, accurate, and academically sound? CCC! Streaming Media offers over 7,000 programs that have been curated from respected educational video sources. The content has been vetted by educators and aligned to Common Core and state standards, and is supplemented with Teacher’s Guides, Student Activities, and Knowledge Checks (quizzes). And each video is segmented into smaller clips, giving teachers a choice of over 100,000 two- to three-minute clips to integrate into their lesson plans. In this way, CCC! Streaming Media is not a replacement for the textbook – it’s an expansion of it!

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CCC! Stem Content

CCC!'s STEM program is a K-12 cohesive approach to helping teachers create mastery learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. CCC!’s STEM collection represents content from the most respected producers in today's educational media industry including Disney Educational Productions, Nature, Britannica and the National Science Foundation. These programs are targeted to specific STEM areas to help students gain foundational skills necessary for college entry-level courses. STEM programming can be purchased separately for delivery on hard drive or flash drive.

  • Over 1,300 programs, targeted to the specific STEM areas.
  • Ideal for helping teachers address STEM topics through two strands: Things that are Made (Math/Engineering) and Things That are Found (Science /Technology).
  • Programming challenges students to use higher-order thinking & research skills.
  • Programming provides real-life applications to scientific and mathematics principles.

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More than just Science & Math

Core Curriculum Content provides materials for all grade levels and content areas. PBS, Weston Woods, National Geographic and many of the other producers provide content for ELA, Social Studies and Foreign Language classes.

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