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Family Newsletter

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Hello RHE families!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been having the students back this week. It was also fantastic meeting many of you at our Back to School Nights. Thank you for all of your support as we begin this school year. I said it before…I am excited, thankful, and proud to share another year with you!

At this time of year, it is helpful to review the Student-Parent Handbook so that both you and your child are familiar with procedures and expectations at RHE. In the coming weeks, I will be meeting with all students to review school expectations.

Please see below to see what's happening next week at RHE.

Here’s what’s in store at RHES next week…

Monday 9/10

No School for Students - Observance of Rosh Hashanah

Tuesday 9/11

No School for students - Observance of Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday 9/12

RHE Back to School Party – 6:00-7:00 – RHE Playground

Thursday 9/13

Friday 9/14

RHE Spirit Day – Wear Blue, Gold, and White

Instrumental Recruitment Assembly – Third Grade – 2:15-2:45

Instrumental Recruitment Assembly – Grades 4-6 – 2:45-3:15

Back to School Party

Please join us as the RHHSA hosts a Back to School Party on Wednesday, September 12th: 6:00-7:00 pm. One free ice cream treat is available. There will be dancing and music with a DJ. Hot dogs are available for purchase for $3.00. The price includes chips and water.

Please remember this is not a student drop off event. Students must be supervised by a parent/guardian during the social. We hope to see you there!

Home Communication

Communicating about Routine Issues:

Our teachers make every effort to respond to their e-mail and voicemail messages within 24 hours during the school week. During the school day, our teachers must devote their attention to their teaching, planning, and student support responsibilities. Therefore, during the school day, please refrain from sending e-mail or voicemail messages to your child’s teacher unless you can wait up to 24 hours for a response.

If you need a response sooner than 24 hours, please call the office (215-944-2000) and our office team will be happy to help you. This is the best approach with routine matters that require a same-day response, such as a change in dismissal plans for your child or items arriving after the school day starts. You can be assured that our office team will personally deliver any items brought in during the school day to the classroom as soon as possible after their arrival and your child’s teacher will be informed of dismissal plans or other necessary information affecting your child that day.

Communicating about Confidential Issues:

Teachers can be of best service to your child when they are informed of your concerns or issues, especially those that may not be apparent during the school day. We are sensitive to the fact that issues affecting your child may be very upsetting to you. Our goal is always to fully understand your concerns and work toward a solution with you in a timely, complete, and collaborative manner.

To best achieve this goal, we suggest that you communicate any highly sensitive/confidential concerns in a brief written note, e-mail, or voicemail to your child’s teacher. In your message, try to limit your message to the essential information about the issue. We find that lengthy notes or e-mails on highly sensitive or upsetting matters can easily be misinterpreted and often distract from resolution of the issue.

E-mail is great for communicating information or addressing routine matters, but phone or in-person discussions are the best ways to resolve matters that are sensitive in nature. For this reason, our teachers are advised to avoid back and forth e-mail “conversations” on these matters. Instead, they will respond with a phone call or request a meeting with you so the issue can be fully expressed, explored, and resolved.

Positive Begavioral Intervention and Supports/Roadrunner Raffle

This year we will be rolling out our new positive behavioral support plan and our Roadrunner Raffle. This program is replacing our previously used CARES program and CARES coins. Our new program is designed to improve classroom and school climate, Integrate academic and behavior initiatives, improving support for all students, increasing preventive management, and maximizing academic achievement.

On the first day school, the students will be coming home with a paper that contains our expectations. Please be sure to review this with your child(ren). Please sign and return back to school.

Please see below for more facts. In addition, the teacher will also share more information at Back to School Night. Stay Tuned!

  • Three positively stated school rules:

      • Be Respectful

      • Be Responsible

      • Be Safe

  • Staff teach the behaviors necessary to follow the rules.

  • A school-wide reinforcement plan is implemented and data is collected.

  • Individualized behavioral interventions and reinforcements help us meet the students’ needs.

  • RHE works together as a positive community with consistent expectations!


Please be patient with our transportation department. It usually takes about two weeks to finalize bus routes. If you have any questions or concerns after the first few weeks of school, please contact the Council Rock Transportation Department at 215-944-1010. Initial bus assignments are posted to HAC.

The CR Transportation Department has a new webpage with online forms for transportation change requests and and daycare requests. CR parents/guardians are invited to visit the CR TRANSPORTATION WEBPAGE to access online forms, view department contact information, read a transportation FAQs, and more

Pet/Animal Visits

When escorting students to and from school, please do not bring pets on school grounds or into the school building. Many of our children have pet allergies or are afraid of animals; therefore, the presence of animals in school or on school grounds is prohibited. Some classes at Rolling Hills Elementary School do participate in the Nor’Wester Reading Dogs program, so on occasion you may see dogs visiting. These dogs are specially trained and licensed to work in the schools with students. No other animals are permitted on school property during school hours. Please refer to our board policy for more information on animals in school. In all cases, there must be Principal pre-approval and a curriculum connection: policy 105.3.

CR Volunteer Clearances Protocols

Effective July 25, 2015, the costs for VOLUNTEER background checks at the state level (PA Child Abuse Report and PA State Criminal Report) will be waived. The third background check, the Federal Criminal Report (FBI Fingerprinting), will remain in effect in accordance with the previously published guidelines and costs. For volunteers that have lived in Pennsylvania for ten (10) years or more, Pennsylvania will allow a waiver of this FBI fingerprinting with a signed CR Volunteer Disclosure Form.

The three clearance forms can be found at these links:

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151)

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check (Act 34)

FBI Federal Criminal History Record (Act 114): Visit for information and locations of fingerprint sites.

The Council Rock Volunteer Disclosure Form can be found at this LINK.

Detailed information on volunteer clearances can be found at this LINK.

Council Rock understands that many volunteers have already obtained the PA Child Abuse and the PA State Criminal Reports at cost. We apologize to those who have incurred this cost to seek clearances. The Governor’s actions and the legislative effort to change some of the requirement in the new Child Protective Services Act combine to address some of the issues of ambiguity and concern expressed by school districts and community members. As always, Council Rock appreciates your willingness to volunteer to help our schools and student