Genius Hour project by Autumn McClung

Getting into college

Getting into college may seem very hard, but truth is it's pretty easy. When you get into high school that's when you need to get serious. When applying for college you want to apply early admission. Also, joining clubs, volunteering, and helping out around the school and community always looks good on a college essay. One more thing, look at more than one college. Research multiple colleges because most likely you won't get your first choice.

Staying in college

Once you get into college you have to get into a routine. It's always easier to do things when it's a routine. When you get into that routine, set goals for your self, but be realistic. When you meet your goals, reward your self. Say you wanted an 80% in your math class and you reached it. Reward yourself with something small such as 5 hours of peace and quiet. Just keep your goals realistic and your rewards small.