Avid Fall Exam

Reflections By: Celine Ajayi

How did I grow as a student this semester

I've grown in my writing skills. It's helped me to do better in writing essays for class. The figurative language needed to be used in writing makes the reader more interested in your writing to keep them on the edge of their seat the whole entire time.


How has public speaking helped me?

It has helped me because, since our 4th period AVID class is pretty big, it makes me more comfortable to stand in front any type of crowd and speak. AVID has improved my vocabulary scale. I like the fact that now I'm no longer afraid to stand and speak in front of a crowd.


What does organization have to do with academics?

Organization comes with your binder. It helps you find assignments when they're due, easier and much faster. If your binder is messy, and an assignment is due, you'll get a 'missing grade' in the grade book and that's not good for your grades.


How have my writing skills improved?

My writing skills have improved in many ways. First off, I better understand the elements in a good writing paper. Writing is an essential in life, and I know I'll be using that every single day. So, I need to make my writing much better.


What do Cornell notes do for me?

Cornell notes help me to study better. The questions on the left side help me comprehend and think much more advanced. It also makes my vocabulary scale much better, since the grandma's house vocabulary words help me.


How does community service help me?

Community service helps me because I know that it'll help me with college credits. Also, it helps me think about how fortunate I am to have what I have, and people are out there suffering. The community service helps them with things that they cannot afford.