🐟Swimming for love 🏊🏻❤️

Tiana Madise


Animals class- Pisces

Ideal match's class- mammal

Animal- Fish

About me!🐟

I hope you like swimming because I do! I have gills and love children. I will persevere through any obstacle I come across. I am a good cook. I like to travel across the sea with my family. We always travel in schools and stick together. I am very bright and colorful too.

About You!

I really hope you are a dog, or even in the mammal class. You will have to be good with kids, because I lay millions! Oh, and you have to be able to swim! You should have a job, because we will need some swimming instructors! Of course, you will also have to be tough so birds don't come and scoop me up. That is all I am looking for in a guy.

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