Doreen Cronin

Author study Project

Doreen's Central Idea

Doreen Cronin wanted to become an author in first grade in Manhattan NY because her teacher said that she was an amazing writer.

Doreen's Growing Life

Doreen Cronin was born in Queens New York City. When She grew up a little more, she had gotten to first grade. Her first grade teacher had always complemented her on how good of a writer she was. She had always given her extra writing assignments and worked with her a lot in class. Doreen loved it. When she she grew up she had gone to law school. While she was in law school she had wrote her first book, click, clack moo. She sent it out to a for some publishers and she got a lot of rejection letters from those editors. When she got a letter from a publisher that wanted her book, she was thrilled. She went to Penn State for the rest of collage and three years later she graduated. Now she lives with her husband and her dog, Ruffle. She still continues ti write today

Additional Information


The theme of Doreen Cronin books is that you can always find fun even if it is something as small as a book. Three reasons why I believe this is that because all of her book are really fun and she tries to make it like that. A second reason that I believe that is because she continues on lots of book series because people love those fun books. One last detail that proves the theme is that she tries to entertain people by actually writing these books because she thinks that they are really fun too.


The mood in Doreen Cronin's books is fun. I think this because whenever I read her books, I never want to stop because it is really entertaining. Another reason why fun is the mood is because her books all seem really up-beat, they never have a problem and solution, they all just try to make it seem fun. One more reason why I believe this is the mood is because I have never read any of her books without smiling, they are just so fun and joyful. She really separates all the other authors from her. That is why I think the mood is fun.