Nuclear engineer

Isaiah Gash- 2nd hour

Career overview

Nuclear engineer studies ways to use nuclear atoms. That involves radiation, and nuclear energy. They often work in labs to discover new information to help the world be a better place. They most often work in research labs or nuclear plants. It takes an average amount of college time for a lot of pay. This can be a lot of fun, and if you were thinking about the military, you can do this occupation there too!

Education to get the job

A bachelor is required but most people like when you have a masters and you need a professional engineering test

Good classes to take in high school are calculus, chemistry, physics, statistics and probability, technical writing, and trigonometry

Cost of education

University of university of Wisconsin Madison: $10,399 per year

Total: $41,596

Cost of everything

  • housing for amount of time in college (most are for four years with summers off)= $ 35,000
  • food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college (most are 4 year degrees) = $7,000
  • gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college (4 yrs.) = $ 2,000
  • clothing money for time at college (typically 4 yrs.) = $1,500_
  • total tuition for total time at college (typically 4 yrs. with summers off )= $10,500

  • GRAND TOTAL COST OF GOING TO COLLEGE (housing, food, gas, clothing, and tuition)= $ 56,000

  • It really helps applying for loans, financial aid, and scholarships because you can probably not pay for everything on your own right off the bat, and it could help you out big time financially

  • It helps getting a part time job because then you can start paying things off and paying for things on your own, so you are less in debt, and would have less stress of having to pay a huge sum of money after college

  • I might would want to pursue this job in the future because it is a good paying job and you could pay off your loans faster

Associations for this career

1. nuclear engineer- bureau of statistics

2. Department of nuclear engineering

Pros and cons


1)Good pay

2)can discover new information about radiation

3)can do this occupation in the military


1)Materials can be harmful if not taken care of correctly

2)long hours


Have you ever wanted to find a good science job? Well now you found one! This great engineering job gets you good money, ranging from 72,000 to 114,000. By getting a simple bachelors degree and professional engineering test, you can discover new information the world does not know yet. Then nuclear engineering job is perfect for you! You work with radioactive atoms and try to discover things. Also, you don't have to spend time outdoors! Everything is indoors in either labs or nuclear plants. I wouldn't do this though if you get nervous that radiation might be exposed in high quantities if not contained correctly.