North Carolina Pirates


After serving as a privateer in Queen Anne's War, He joined a pirate crew, capturing a French ship. Renaming it Queen Anne's Revenge. Jack Rackham and his crew were captured in Jamaica, With only Bonny and Read standing their ground. William Kidd Had a successful career as a privateer, He married and settled down. Charles Vane Known to torture the crews of captured ships, he seized the port of nassua after rejecting a royal pardon. Blackbeards flag represented that he would stab the heart of his enemies.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was born around 1700. Anne Bonny was a irish woman who later became a pirate. She operated in the Caribbean. She later married James Bonny and became a pirate with her husband. She was a pirate during the years 1718- October 1720. She was later killed around April 22, 1782.

Stede Bonnet

Stede Bonnet was an 18th century barbarian pirate. His nickname was the gentleman pirate. Stede Bonnet was born in 1688. Stede Bonnet left his family to become a pirate in 1717. Later captured and hanged in 1718.

Captain Kidd

Captain Kidd's real name is William Kidd. He was a privateer and later got married and was ready to settle down with his wife. Captain Kidd later captured a ship and became a pirate in 1699. He is later captured and hanged in 1701.

Mary Read

She was born in 1690. She was a privateer in the british military and later She was taken by pirate which later inspired her to become a pirate. She was a pirate from 1708-1721. She later captured and hung in 1721.