The Fall Of Five

By: Pittacus Lore


The fall of Five is a great addition to the series "I am number four". This book is where all the garde come together and fight the mogadorians. Gardes are the aliens with super powers and there are 10 of them, but the tenth is a mistake and nobody knew about her.. However, PLOT TWIST!!! Number five is working with the mogadorians! One of the garde is working with the enemy... I have yet to read the next books in the series, but i cant wait to see what happens when the final fight goes down!


Mogs- short for mogadorian, They come from planet mogadore. The Enemy

Garde- Good guys. Come from Lorien. Sent to earth as a last hope for their planet.

Telekinesis- They can move things with there mind. Every garde can do it.

Legacies- A special super power that is shaped just for that one person. Ex. Flying, invisible, etc. Each garde has different legacies although some over-lap.