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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

A Central American Country

The capital of Costa Rica is San José. Costa Rica is located in Central America. Some things people in Costa Rica enjoy are soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming and tennis. The national food is Gallo Pinto which is rice and chicken sometimes served with breakfast food.

La Biblioteca

Miguel Obregón Lizano

The library is the national library for Costa Rica and it was founded in 1888. The library is in the middle of government buildings. It has three copies of every book ever made. Although the library is full of books and is large, it is not a public lending library.

Las Montañas

Arenal Volcano

The volcano has a height of 5,479. It is 90 kilometers northwest of the capital of Costa Rica. The volcano is in the district of La Fortuna. The last time is erupted was in 2010.

El Restaurante

La Luz Restaurant and bar

A fine dining restaurant inside of an upscale hotel along with a bar.

El Parque

Barbilla National Park

It protects 29,500 acres along the Talamancan mountain ranges. It is one of the least visited parks and it is ecologically rich and practically untouched.

El Gimnasio

MMA Costa Rica

A gym in San Pedro that offers a lot of workout classes, there are lots of trainers. It offers MMA, TRX and crossfit. There are also many other programs.

El Museo

Museo de Cultura Popular

In the village of Santa Lucia de Barva. It was the home of ex-president Alfredo Gonzalez.

El Lago

Lake Arenal

It sits at the base of the Arenal volcano. It is the country's largest body of landlocked water. It covers 33 miles and reaches to some 200 feet.

El Cine

National Theatre of Costa Rica

It serves as an opera house and theatre. It opened in 1897 and sits in the middle of the capital of Costa Rica. It's architectural style is neoclassical.

El Centro Comercial

Mall San Pedro

This shopping mall is four stories tall and offers gift shops, specialty shops, boutiques, clothing stores, department stores also equipped with a large movie theater, two discos and a gaming arcade.

El Rio

Pacuare River

This river flows 108 kilometers to the Caribbean and is popular for white water kayaking, rafting and river boarding. It is 67.1 miles long.

El Supermercado

Super Y Cabinas Rey

Supermarket in Guanacaste that sells everyday needs and groceries

El Bosque

Playa Grande

Rain forest that has exotic animals.

La Playa

Nosara Beach

Village in the district in Nicoya Canton. It's beach is popular for surfing, ziplining, yoga, and wildlife.

La Escuela

School of the World Surf Camp

A school that teaches beginner surfers.

La Iglesia

Tamarindo Church

Christian church that has services for the public.