The Raft Research

Blake lyons

The Raft Beginning.

The start of the book is pretty generic this girl Robbie gets a piercing that of course her parents didn't approve of but she was at her grandmas house where she could pretty much do whatever she wanted and then she got on a plane, strangely fell from the air.

In The Ocean.

By now she Robbie was in the ocean and very shocked, for one reason she just fell out of a plane and for another reason was that she ended up in a raft but the weirdest part of al is when she woke up to a person on the other side oof the raft that she did not know and his name was max and he was the person who put her in the raft but how he did it knid of got her mad because she was just floating in the ocean and he yanked her by her hair and then there journey began.

On The Island/ The End

So now it is the end of there journey on raft but now they start a new journey on the island where they would face hunger trials and test there strength to the limit and this way they would really know how to fend for themselves or it is just herself but by now she has thought of a plan, by gathering all of the lighters that were in the debris and then she would put all of the fluid together for one big signal fire so by now she is just waiting to see if the signal fir will work...

My Connections

Text To Self- I think that i can relate to the story because once me and my brother were outside just chilling and i fell asleep in a chair but my brother didn't wake me up so when i woke i was dizzy and hungry and didn't know where i was.

Text To World- my text to world is when hurricane catrine hit and all of those people were left without homes and some left without some of there family and i could just imagine that is how Robbie and some-what mx felt.