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April 27th - May 1st


Something new that we are starting this week is a "Hang Out" with counselors. On Tuesday from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m., students and families can join the Google HangOuts meeting to check in and talk about what you have liked and disliked so far about distance learning. It should be a fun time to connect with Ms. McGarry, Ms. Rastellini, and Ms. Hull! See below for more details.

We had a pretty good turnout for our pick-up dates last Thursday and Friday. Thank you to those that made it a priority to help us clean our lockers, PE lockers, medication cabinet, etc. If you were not able to pick-up your items last week, please contact Mr. Sale for a time to pick-up your student's items. We will be holding these through the next two weeks before we put them in our "lost-and-found" donation pile.

Packets are available Monday morning from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Thank you again for stopping by if you need a hard-copy packet and submit last week's assignments. All information in packets can also be found on the SMS "Learn at Home" website.

This week's learning will be due by Monday, May 4th, either online (e.g. Google Classroom) or at South where you picked packets up.

ATTENDANCE: A reminder that we are tracking "attendance" each week. For your student ot be counted as "present" for each class, teachers will indicate any contact they have had with the or from the student/parent that indicates the student is engaged in the school work. This can include:

  • A phone call,
  • An email,
  • Attendance at a virtual meeting (Zoom or Google Meets),
  • The student logged into to Google Classroom to count for participation, or
  • The student hands in printed work.

This week is usually volunteer appreciation week. Despite not being able to celebrate the many volunteers that contribute to making South a great place for students and families, we are no less grateful for the countless hours that people from our community have contributed to our school.

Have a great week! And remember to be grateful!

-Mr. Sale

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South Middle School - We Miss Our Students!

Suggested Schedule for Learning at Home

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Norms and Agreements for Distance Learning

  • Staff will use pre-existing district communication methods – school provided email addresses, phone numbers, web sites, etc.
  • Staff will not be using personal text messaging, personal emails, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for distance learning purposes.
  • Staff will be public in their practice – when staff are at home, they are encouraged to have others in the room (physical and virtual) to the best of their ability so others can hear and see. Students should also be in a room where others can see and hear the communication.
  • When using Zoom and/or Google Hangouts, staff will meet with groups of students as much as possible vs. individual students.
  • If possible, when having a one-on-one phone call with students, staff will ask the student to put them on speaker phone so others in the room can hear them.
  • During one-on-one phone calls or virtual meetings, staff will be keeping brief notes about the conversation (time, date, content).
  • Staff communication will be related to schoolwork; when inquiring about a student’s health or well-being, staff will be sure to ask all students the same questions.
  • Staff will not be recording and/or posting a Zoom meeting (or other video-platforming meetings) that contain video of students as it would require consent from the parent to have their student recorded. If it becomes necessary to record any sessions, parent permission will be received prior to recording any session. Staff are encouraged to record themselves teaching a lesson and/or sending a video message and posting for students to view at a time convenient for them. Students should not be recording meetings either as we want to ensure the rights of all are protected. There may be consequences for students not complying with this expectation.
  • When a staff member becomes aware of a problem with a student (i.e. concerns over mental health and/or safety), they will report the concern to the students’ counselor and/or administrator immediately. Mandatory child abuse reporting still applies and the educator may be required to contact DHS to file a report.
  • Students are expected to maintain appropriate use of all electronic devices and communication using appropriate language, etiquette and to ensuring to report any bullying or harassment experienced immediately to a school administrator.

Please email Mr. Sale if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for supporting your student in our GP "Learn at Home" plan which will begin on April 13th.

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