The Grand Life of a Grandmother

Written by Kevin M.


My grandmother, Jeanne McDonald, grew up during the Great Depression. As one of the wisest people I have the privilege of knowing, she has lived through so many changes in the world. I dedicated this flyer to my personal hero, my grandmother. Enjoy.

Take a peek at an interview I had with her.

Interview with my grandmother

Both her and my father's childhood.


My grandmother grew up in Elmhurst. Her father made false teeth for dentists, and was even consulted by them when there was a particularly challenging case, and he would bring her along. She had two younger brothers, Jack and Jim. Her first job was sorting false teeth for a summer, and it was a lot of teeth!

The New Deal

As a child, she liked the NRA (no, not the National Rifle Association, but the National Recovery Act) a New Deal program which set many labor guidelines, which she specifically liked because it meant her father would no longer have to work on weekends. Here is an essay I wrote on the New Deal.
The New Deal (essay)

It's a research paper! YAY! Don't think that because it has a title page that it's long. Ok, it is long, but you shouldn't judge an essay by it's cover!

Full interview with my grandmother

If you liked the interview at the top, you'll probably like the full interview too. (It's over 40 minutes, so make time.)

Untouchable Hero

My grandmother is my personal hero, but my untouchable hero is astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Here's a wonderful essay on him, by me, of course.
Untouchable Hero Essay

It's not as long as the New Deal essay, you can read it.

What defines a hero?

Yes, yet another essay.

Click here for an awesome bibliography

Tis the best bibliography that has ever come into existance! Read it! Now!

My family tree

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