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June 2020

Remembrance: George Floyd

To Our Frontier Community,

We join the Kansas City community and our nation, in mourning the tragic loss of Mr. George Floyd. We also extend our support to our black students, families, staff and community members during this difficult moment.

Frontier Schools stands with our African-American community against systemic racism, oppression and injustice. We have been deeply impacted by the tragic killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and we join the chorus of voices saying “Black Lives Matter“ and “Enough” against racial hatred.

The injustices faced by our black community will not resolve by themselves without taking necessary actions by all of us. Schools, police department, companies and all other organizations must continue the forward march of progress toward greater social justice.

At Frontier Schools, there is a diverse background of students and staff. We are committed to provide high-quality education to our students regardless of their race, gender, religious belief or socioeconomic background. We promote a peaceful, caring and safe community while guiding our students to value integrity, be responsible and appreciate diversity.

The students and staff from different backgrounds not only learn the differences between their cultures, at the same time understand what they have in common. Disrespect to other cultures, racism and social injustice should not have any place in our communities.

Together, we will work to build peaceful, caring and safe communities.

Ugur Demircan


Frontier Meeting the COVID Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools shut across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

Frontier Schools is on this leading edge of this change and has recently attracted many new philanthropic partnerships for this expansion. The school is happy to announce that SchoolSmartKC, the Hall and Sherman Family Foundations along with Google Fiber have combined for more than $175,000 in grants to Frontier to expand its long-distance educational network.

According to Superintendent Demircan, “The continuing generosity of these major Kansas City funding partners provides the school the ability to reach all of our families with the latest technology for in-home instruction. It is also the reason why all of our students will continue to get the best education possible despite the pandemic.”

Frontier Schools’ thanks these funding partners for working to make educational opportunities accessible for all segments of our community.

Shout Out to our Teachers!

We could not have finished this year without all of your hard work and tremendous support! Thank you for your persistence, resiliency, and love for teaching!

FSHS & District Teacher of the Year, Dr. Ummuhan Geyik

FSHS & District: Teacher of the Year Gives Thanks

FSI Elementary Teacher of the Year, Lori Edmonds

FSI Elementary: Teacher of the Year Gives Thanks

FSI Middle Teacher of the Year, Amber Smith

FSI Middle: Teacher of the Year Gives Thanks

FSE Teacher of the Year, Kyle Lawson

FSE: Teacher of the Year Gives Thanks

Virtual Visits

Mayor Lucas Chats with FSE Journalism Club

Mayor Lucas Q&A w/ FSE Journalism Club

End of the Year Video

2019-2020 End of the Year Video

Virtual Summer School

FSI Middle

Information regarding Virtual Summer School.
Content Warning


Meals on Wednesdays - 11:30am - 1:30pm

Frontier will continue to provide breakfast and lunch kits through July for the students enrolled in Frontier Schools.

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Additional Resources for Parents and Students

  • With schools closing across the nation, many education companies have stepped forward and provided free or discounted online learning resources for students and educators. Frontier students are expected to complete their work provided by Frontier teachers first and then they may go to these useful online learning websites.

Social Work Department

During this new virtual reality for all of us, we wanted to make sure parents had a way to ask questions, seek support, and request guidance for mental health and other community resources. Our Social Work Department is here for you!

Frontier Parent Check-In Emergency Resources

IT Support

Dear Frontier Parents/Guardians;

Please fill out the form below to report IT related Issues you are having, and we will do our best to address it as soon as possible.

Report IT Problems

Campus News

2020 KC Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Mr. Burke and Ms. Marble from FSI Middle for being nominated as finalists for the 2020 KC Excellence Awards!

Mr. Spencer Burke has been nominated as a middle school finalist and Ms. Michelle Marble has been nominated as a staff member finalist. Both of our finalists will attend a banquet this coming August to see if they won their respective awards.

We are so proud of their achievements and we look forward to hearing the results in the coming school year!

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Class of 2020 FSHS Senior Shout Out!

Senior Shoutout 2020

Traditional Scholarship Winners Announced

KC Scholars just announced the winners for this year's Traditional Scholarship and Frontier STEM's very own 10 juniors have been awarded for their hard work! Congratulations juniors, your hard work has paid off!

Please congratulate:

  1. Efrain D.
  2. Mahado H.
  3. Madeline C.
  4. Julio I.
  5. Thuweiba J.
  6. Sabrina L.
  7. Ayde M.
  8. Alejandro P.
  9. Alan S.
  10. Bahsan Y.
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Published Poems by FSHS Students

Congratulations to Frontier STEM High School freshmen! 17 select students had their poems published in the Poetic Power Collection. They are now semi-finalists and if they are selected as finalists, they will be rewarded cash prizes.

Congrats Freshman! Your talent has not gone unnoticed!

  • Ashley R.

  • Candice R.
  • Desiree J.
  • Evelyn S.
  • Giselle A.
  • Hector L.
  • Hudeyfa S.
  • Izaiah W.
  • Jacqueline A.
  • Josdy O.
  • Kheona J.
  • Leslie V.
  • Luis R.
  • Maria E.
  • Michelle R.
  • Sami N.
  • Samuel N.

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FSHS State of the Art Innovation Lab

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Frontier Schools’ is building a modern, state-of-the-art Innovation Lab attached to the Frontier STEM High School.

This project-based approach is an essential part of immersive STEM education; it makes the experience real for the students. They will be able to conceive a project, be it a product or prototype, and follow the production process from conception to physical

reality. Students will understand the technology that powers their creations; both the

hardware and the software. The goal is to build a strong, authentic knowledge-based theory to applied skills in STEM education, ensuring Frontier’s high school graduates will

be prepared to enter collegiate level science, technology, engineering and mathematics

programs with the skills to succeed on day one.

You can help now by giving to our campaign! To donate, click here!

Note: All donations are tax-deductible and a donation receipt will be provided.