4th Grade News

February 15th, 2015

Things to know about this week...

ISTEP READINESS PRACTICES - Computer Based Practices and Answer Keys

We have been told that the state assessments will very closely resemble last year's. We know that the reading passages will be complex. We know that there will be a large percentage of questions dealing with fractions and computing multi-digit multiplication and long division.

If you feel your child could benefit from some extra practice at home, you may visit this link: It only works on Chromebooks and using Internet Explorer. You can choose ELA or Math, Grade 4, practice tests. Answer keys are located at the top right.

Goals this week:


I CAN measure the perimeter around shapes and objects.

I CAN find the inside square area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and triangles.

I CAN use scale to understand the size of objects from real life down to what's on paper.


I CAN visualize events in a story to better understand the plot!

I CAN identify the problem and solution within a story's plot!

I CAN understand the meaning behind metaphors and similes!

I CAN organize my writing so that it flows!

I CAN use adjectives that describe nouns!

Universal Design for Learning - Engagement and Representation

Students get to choose how they want to learn about and interact with new skills such as area and perimeter and review skills like multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Some students are challenged to make the largest and smallest perimeters. Some students watch brainpop videos on the meaning of area and perimeter. Students choose whether they'd like to work with someone or work independently.

Find the Newsletter and Homework below:

Birthdays This Week:

None this week!