101 Rebel Reading Circles

Create Rebel Reading Circles and Earn Pins for your stole!

How to Participate:

  1. Pick any book from the College Board's "101 great Book List." Visit the school library to check them out or read the eBook version!
  2. Get at least 1 - 2 friends to read the same book with you to form your Circle.
  3. Complete the form below to let Ms. Marks know that you have formed a circle or if you would like help in finding a circle to join.
  4. Identify the Teacher, Staff member, or Administrator (anyone who works on campus) who has read the book and is willing to do a 30-minute lunch-time or after-school "101 Book Talk" with you. See below for some of the books and teachers/staff/administrators who you can talk to. Visit the library to find the complete list of which teachers/staff to talk to.
  5. Schedule a time to meet with this teacher/staff/administrator member. You and your friends are responsible for preparing for and leading the book discussion. See this resource and this one too for preparing strong discussion questions. Make sure you come prepared; these are student led discussions - the teacher/staff/administrator is there to listen and participate NOT to lead.
  6. If you do a good job of discussing the book at the scheduled Book Talk, the teacher/staff/administrator sends your name to Ms. Scruggs and you get a Reading Award Pin to put on your stole!
  7. Questions: Go visit Ms. Marks in the library!

Please note: All summaries above are direct quotes from the record of the book in Destiny, the San Lorenzo Book Catalog. Also, these are less than HALF of the books on the list! Consider it a preview!