A New Deal for America

Natalie Herklotz

Neutrality Acts

1935: We won't sell any weapons or ammunition to any countries at war! This will keep the United States out of the middle of conflict between fighting nations.

1936: Extends provisions of the 1935 act and forbids all loans to belligerents.

1937: U.S. ships still could not transport people or weapons to countries in war, citizens now can't travel on the ships of fighting nations.

1939: We will only sell weapons on a cash-and-carry basis. Which means Europe can buy guns only if they used their own ships to get them and paid in cash!

Destroyer- for- Bases

America will trade Navy ships to Britain in exchange for certain military bases for free rent.

Lend-Lease Act of 1941

Lending arms to countries in need (Great Britain, USSR, Free France, Republic of china, and other Allied nations) shows our support, but keeps us physically out of the war!

Atlantic Charter of 1941

Main points for after WWII include that....

1. No territorial changes will be made

2. Allows for the right of the people to choose rulers

3. An overall peace of security be made

4. Global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions