Three Blind Arrests

So what are the three men on trial for?

[News Reporter] The story goes from ordinary crime to strange childrens primary story, all in one night. It began when Jane Doe was walking home from a night out. Having already been shaken up from an attack earlier in the night, when she had defended herself from three men where she incidentally cut off one of the mens fingers. While walking back to her apartment, the men followed, and soon it began a chase. Luckily, they chased her past an officer on duty, and they were put under arrest under charges of sexual assualt, and assault, both felonies. Only one of the men was let out on bail, while the others were unable afford it. The Grand Jury gave their indictment, and our sources tell us that the defendents would be defended by public defenders and each of them would get their verdicts on whether or not of their innocence from the Petit Jury. Each stood in front of the judge and received their arraignment. Two out of three pleaded not guilty. Only one of the defendents used plea bargaining and pleaded guilty. The court subopened him and he was used as a witness on the prosecution side, explaining what had happened earlier in the night and what they were planning later when they chased her. That meant either this one man or the other two men were commiting perjury by lying under oath. As much as the men pleaded and tried to appeal to the jury, all were convicted.