February 4th Grade Update

Miss Fowler's Class


We have recently begun studying tables and graphs. Students will gather information about each other in the classroom such as favorite color, pizza, sport, and ice cream as a real world application of collecting data to create their own tables and graphs. Then we will move on to the study of angles. Students will use protractors and learn 90 degree angles, different types of triangles, and how to calculate those measurements. As always, I encourage students to practice their multiplication facts at home as we continue quizzing our recall of those facts in class on Fridays.

Reading Workshop

This month we will begin research projects as we continue to explore nonfiction texts! Students have already chosen topics and will begin researching to learn more about their chosen interests. They will use what they have learned about decoding unfamiliar vocabulary, identifying narrative and expository texts, and understanding text structure to organize and present the information they gather. They will also practice tackling complex, technical passages by reading and re-reading small parts to understand the text as a whole. Students will continue to read nonfiction text for homework and document their reading with the page numbers (if applicable), title of the text, date, and amount of time read each night.

Writer's Workshop

We start the month by finishing our drafts of our paragraphs for our Opinion Essays. Students have worked diligently to learn the different steps to gather ideas and mini-stories, set up their outline using boxes and bullets, organize their thoughts, and bridge their reasons to create a strong thesis. They will use transition words and repeated phrases as they create cohesive drafts. Then we will practice writing multiple leads and conclusions to create powerful introduction and concluding paragraphs. Finally, students will self-assess their work using the Opinion Writing Checklist to make revision decisions.

Social Studies

We begin the month by finishing our study of the Northwest Region. Towards the middle of the month, we'll move south and west and begin to explore the Southwest Region. We will continue using maps to understand the geographical location of the places we discuss and the natural resources of the area. We will also learn about the states and climate of the Southwest and make comparisons of people and groups who lived there in the past with people who live there now.

February Fun!

February 11th: Valentine's Day Party

February 11th: Noon Dismissal ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 12th: No School ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 15th: No School ~ Presidents' Day

Valentine's Day Party

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 10am

Miss Fowler's 4th Grade Class

4th grade will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 11th in our classroom before our noon dismissal that afternoon. I will provide a small treat and activity, and students are more than welcome to exchange valentines with their classmates. While not required to bring them in, please remember if they choose to do so, they need to bring a valentine for every one! Thank you!