Nitrogen Cycle

By: Corina Della Ratta and Ashton pfenning

Assimilation (Incorporation of NH3 and NO3- into biological tissues)

This is the first step of the nitrogen cycle process. it is the absorption and incorporation of nitrogen into living systems. Plants take up these forms of nitrogen through their roots, and incorporate them into plant proteins and nucleic acids. Animals are then able to utilize nitrogen from the plant tissues.


The production of ammonia by bacteria during the decay of animal urine. Decomposition also releases nitrogen.


The production of nitrate from ammonia. Nitrates from decomposed material can be buried into sediments on the ocean floor or they can go through dentrification.


The conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas.(nitric oxide) These compounds are gaseous compounds and are not readily available for microbial growth; therefore they are typically released to the atmosphere.
Nitrogen Cycle Song