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Let's Share The Love & Style

I hope your new year is off to a good start! Our Spring 2013 Collection is here and there are so many pieces you are going to love. Of course you can shop online but I would love to get you hundreds in FREE accessories! Not to mention that all your girlfriends would be getting some killer deals for shopping in February. Here's a couple of ways we could do it:

1. We can get your girlfriends together for a Valentine's Day shopping and style where we also have a wishlist for them to fill out that we will later share with their significant other, Mom, or best friend.

2. We create an online show for you and send out a cute email with the wishlist attached asking the ladies to fill it out or just reply with their 3 favorite items and their significant other's name and email address. Then we can be the little birdie that whispers in their man's ear.

The ladies will love it because they'll be getting what they want for Valentine's Day and the guys will love it even more because they won't have to think, shop, or wrap!!! And you'll be earning all of the hostess rewards!!!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts or I'll give you call in a few days to follow-up!!!


P.S. Check this out...It's a new year, and maybe you have some new goals that Stella & Dot could be a part of! If you’re curious, let’s talk!

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