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Social Media -- It's Our Superpower

Thursday morning I had the honor of speaking in Junior High chapel. I told the students that I would share the information we talked about in chapel with all of you.

Proverbs 4:23 tells us, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

I want to give you information and resources that will help you in the great task of guarding your child's heart.

Social Media - It's Our Superpower

Doesn't everyone at some point in life wish they had a superpower? I told our students that their superpower is social media, and the weapon they wield is words.

Words matter. Proverbs 18:12 tells us that, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love to talk will reap its consequences." No place is the truth of this verse more evident than in social media.

Motivated at times by anonymity, people say things online line that they would never say face-to-face. We need to encourage our students to use words that build up. We also need to encourage them to use words to defend and protect those who are being mistreated online.

Megaphone to the World

I told the students this morning about Janis Krums. He's the guy that took the famous picture of the US Airways plane that crashed into the Hudson River in 2009. At the time Krums tweeted the picture of the crashed plane, he had only 170 Twitter followers.

By the time the ferry Krums was riding reached the shore, his tweet had been retweeted over a million times. When he reached shore, he was being contacted by news agencies from all over the world. That's the power of social media.

Over the weekend, Monica Foy learned the hard way about the power of the social media. She's the college student who tweeted incredibly offensive comments about slain Texas deputy Darren Goforth. When her tweet received negative press, Foy quickly deleted the post, but not before screenshots of the tweet were taken and shared with the world. Monica Foy learned the hard consequence of being reckless with the power of social media. Going forward, every perspective employer will find this story through a simple Google search of Foy's name every time she applies for a job.

We have to teach our kids that digital is different. The consequences of poor decisions online can have lasting consequences.

Age Restrictions

All social media sites have age restrictions. The age limit for sites like Instagram and Twitter is 13. Your son or daughter should not have a social media account if they are under the age of 13.


How many followers does your son or daughter have on Instagram? Do you know who is following your child on Instagram? I beg you to look and see who is following your child's Instagram account.

If your son or daughter is on Instagram, I would encourage you to make their account private. Making an account private means that strangers don't have access to your child's pictures. It's a creepy reality that there are people in the world who troll social media sites collecting images of random children. Don't give them free access to your child.

Other Social Media Resources

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Christina Jontra

Director of Digital Learning

Grace Community School