What you need to know about Knights

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What is a Knight

A knight was an elite warrior. Who would fight at minimum of forty days out of the year in service of there liege. A knight is held to high standards .Some of the major points are that he would protect his liege,care for his land and his people,conduct in court and public functions. He would also be expected to protect those of a lesser rank than him. He would be held to the highest Standard of combat knowledge of religion writing,music and leadership .In return the Knights would get loot from the battle there own estate and a position on the kings court.

How to become a Knight

First you have to be the son of a king or another knight.But you can gain the opportunity to become a knight if you show tremendous courage on the battlefield.First step when your 8 to be a knight is you are sent to your lieges manor. You train as a page you learn everything you would need to know as a knight rules of court,chivalry,writing music and weapons.Then when your 13 you become a squire where you would Focus more on weapons hoarse riding and combat.The most important part of a knight is mounted combat.So learning how to ride a hoarse is essential.


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