Kim Jong-Un

Change, Conflict


-Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or commonly known as North Korea (Since 2011)

- Third and youngest son of Kim Jong-il

- Early life shrouded in mystery

- Educated in Switzerland and graduated from the Kim Il-sung military university in the mid-2000's.


- Described as more "mediagenic" than his father

- Viewed as more engaging with soldiers and workers

- "obsessed" with the Chicago Bulls

- Very friendly with former Bull Dennis Rodman, who is the self proclaimed U.S. ambassador to North Korea

Weapons Testing

- In April 2012 North Korea launched a satellite that failed

-In December 2012 North Korea launched a long range rocket into orbit

- U.S. believed the launches were an attempt to cover up work and testing on ballistic missile tech

-In February 2013 North Korea held its 3rd underground nuclear test

North Korea's economic problems

- Famine in the 1990's still affecting majority of population

- Reported concentration camp in which thousands of prisoners are tortured and forced to endure terrible conditions

- Kim is working on programs to improve education and programs that would allow North Koreans to work in China

Fun facts

- Youngest head of state

- Even though Dennis Rodman released his birth date (January 8th) no one knows his birth year (82, 83, 84?)

- Kim handpicked singers to form North Korea’s first all-female music group Moranbong

- Kim is a fan of Eric Clapton

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