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Art of Production – Production Services for Turning Videos into Awe-Inspiring Films

Oftentimes, people who are passionate about digital photography hunt for the questions: “How to make the video look like film?” “What Lens should I use?” “What is the favorable shutter speed for the good image quality?”The look of cinematics we grow up with gives us a feeling that we need to have an enormous budget to turn over new leaf from the video to a film. Many pursue the curiosity by hiring great production services

teams. However, not many folks are interested in hiring a production team to navigate the tasks. Good news for them, through basic knowledge and smart investment, you can turn your linear looking video into a film making spectacle.

In this article, you will find some valuable pointers which if adapted correctly, will help you a lot in your digital world venture.

Frame rate/ frame frequency:

Since the time of earliest movies, the films are shot in 24fps. Ben Hur 1925, Wizard of Oz 1939 are some of the examples of films shot in 24fps.HD Camcorders offers you variable shooting rates like 60fps, 30fps, and 20fps. Shooting in 24fps (24 frames per second) is one of the easiest steps to make your video look synonymous to a film.

Nevertheless, if you’re shooting an action film, make sure your camera is in a higher frame rate mode to make the action look smoother and slow motion look. How is that possible? For example, you can shoot the action scene at 22 fps and then later, play it back to 24fps making your fight scene look much faster than it actually was! This will give the look to the viewers as the speed of the motion of subject is increased.

Prevailing video recorder cameras has 60 interlaced fields that joins in to make 30 frames per second. Each frame has the capacity to present the unique picture information of the subject that’s moving. One more advantage of using 24p or 30p in your video is that it gives a film like look, provides some swing to the eye and the less frames you use -- the less film is used causing you save more money!

Depth of field (DOF):

Depth of field is the amount of picture that is in focus. It’s one of the major steps in controlling the sharpness and tracking the quality of your image. DOF can be shallow (where only narrow zone appears sharp), or deep (where more of the picture appears sharp, especially the background for instance when doing landscape photography).

Now it all depends on your choice as to how you want your film outcome and you can set DOF accordingly. Many films today are applying shallow DOF in their films. For creating a shallow depth of field you need to buy a camera with a larger sensor or any compatible Lens cameras to help you make your video one and the same to the film. Example: you may buy Canon 5D camera from Action Filmz Company that has a comparatively larger sensor and use a Canon EF Lens mount.

Remember: Longer lens will provide you a shallower depth of field than wider lens.You may also invest in a 35mm lens adaptor. These accessories are latched still onto the front of your camera to capture your image. Using fast lenses (lower than f2.8) helps you achieve equivalent look. For instance, spending in Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 Lens or Canon EF 24-105mm f2.8 Lens from Action Filmz production servicesis a good decision to think upon.

Shutter speed:

Accommodating the shutter speed is a crucial factor to make your video carbon copy to your film. All you need to do is double the speed of frame rate in the shutter. If you are using 60fps then your shutter speed should be 1/120 and if your frame rate is 24p then your shutter speed should be 1/148.

The logic behind doubling the frame rate is to adjust your motion blur effectively and to keep the illusion slow and commendable in movement. Setting an out of order shutter speed can reduce the quality of output you want. A very high shutter speed can make your video look almost like a fast forward movie, so just keep a right proportion between highs and lows.


Changes made to your videos in editing programs or in post-production process nourishes your film look.Make sure not to temp up your highlights. Yes, I agree, some movies do require to enhance the highlights to give a stylist effect but in most cases, your subject is your main focus. Features in editing applications add artificial colorsto your video but it must be ‘clean’ and ‘professional’ enough. This is just a piece of cake for creative people, all wrapped up in your SLR bought from Action Filmz production serviceability to refashion your video into a film.