Syrup Taste Test

By: Keith, Gillian, and Mallory

Vickie Winans Aunt Jemima Pancake Commercial (LOLOL)
Mid-1970s Mrs. Butterworth Commercial


  • We are investigating...What brand of syrup(Mrs.Butterworths,Aunt Jemima,Log Cabin) 7th grade boys and girls prefer best? We thought it was a good idea because it was unique and nobody else was doing it.

Gather Information/Research

  • Log Cabin is part of a big business called “Pinnacle Foods Group LLC”. It stated that their syrup is the best Authentic flavored for over 120 years. It started in 1887. This is a natural syrup, because it has no high fructose corn syrup in it. Log Cabin had 100 calories and is meant for elders because it does not have as much as a sweet taste as the other brands.
  • Mrs.Butterworths is also apart of “ Pinnacle Food Group LLC”. It started in 2005 and started to get delivered all over the world. “ So thick, so rich and still just as sweet” is their slogan. Personality we all think this is very true. This product has 120 calories. Teenagers would prefer this brand because it has a sweeter taste to it. Did you know that Mrs.Butterworths first name is Yvonne?!
  • Aunt Jemima is also part of the big company” Pinnacle Foods Group LLC”. Their business started in 1889 in Pennsylvania. Aunt Jemima's slogan is “ Eat a better breakfast with Aunt Jemima”.This has 210 calories. This syrup is meant for teenagers, because, it too, has a sweet taste from the high fructose corn syrup.


Our hypothesis was that if Mrs.Butterworth's syrup was as thick and mapley taste as it says it is then the students will like it better than Aunt Jemima and Log Cabin , because of the taste.


  • Materials:
Waffles- 9 boxes
Mrs.Butterworths- 1 bottle
Aunt Jemima-1 bottle
Syringe- 3
Log Cabin- 1 bottle
Extension Cord- 1
Pizza Cutter- 1
  • Procedure: First we put Mrs.Butterworths,Log Cabin and Aunt Jemima into three different dixie cups. Next We make the waffles in the toaster until they are cooked fully. After that, with the pizza cutter, cut the waffles into 1/16. Next you take a syringe and suck up 1 ML of syrup and put on a piece of the cut up waffle. Do that step on each 1/16 waffle, but use the different brands each time. put the syrup with the waffles on a plate. Serve to the students. Then, you right down what they choose on the randomizer. They will record what the choose on the IPad. Repeat these steps until you are done.


  • We collected our data from the IPad. The data showed us what brand 7th grade boys and girls preferred most. Also it showed us what Males and Females preferred most. You can look at our results below.


Conclusion- Our hypothesis was rejected ( didn't hold up) because we thought that Mrs.Butterworths would be the most preferred but Aunt Jemima won. We found that it was hard to keep up with everybody coming. We had to work fast to make sure the same amount of syrup was in order on each piece of waffle. Also we noticed that we bought much more materials than we need. The students seemed to very interested in our choice of food, so we were wondering... “ What other kind of breakfast foods would be fun to do a taste test with?