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Buc Parents,

I have had a blast during our first few weeks of school and I hope your students have as well! I'm Tanya Henslee and I teach Digital Graphics I, Digital Graphics II, and Yearbook at HBMS! Below this entry, you can find my introduction video that includes a little about a typical day in room 746 and a quick overview about what your students will be creating this year. I hope to see everyone at Curriculum Night (TOMORROW) September 9th, at 6:30. Be sure to check out Mr. Robinson's video on the school website (or below) for more information!

In Digital Graphics I, we have been exploring our Schoology course, learning how to collaborate in Google Drive, and building our ePortfolios in Google Sites. Students have been adding content to their ePortfolios and learning how to use it outside of the Digital Graphics classroom. We also began learning some tools in Illustrator, which the students were VERY excited about! The first tool we learned was the Shape-Builder tool. The students made Yin Yang designs. You can see some examples below!

Digital Graphics II students have been reviewing the Elements and Principles of Graphic Design and creating a design incorporating four or more of these elements/principles. They are taking one of their favorite quotes and conveying a deeper meaning through graphic design.

To see any resources/materials, due dates, and class updates, please log into with your child's access code. (Please email me if you need an access code for your child).

I look forward to an AMAZING year together!

Curriculum Night

For more information on curriculum night, please go to

Mr. Robinson Introduces Curriculum Night 2.0
Intro to class

Ask your Child!

Student ePortfolios

Please ask your child about their ePortfolio. Students will upload all finished projects to this ePortfolio throughout the year. The ePortfolios are a great way for you to see the end result of all of their hard work! If you would like for me to send you a direct link to your child's ePortfolio, email me!
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