Jan Van Eyck

Survived for 51 years


Jan was born in the province of Limberg. It is located between the Netherlands and modern Belguim. He has a brother Hubert and a sister Margaret who were both painters as well. Jan was appointed court painter by John of Bavaria, count of Holland in The Hague. After that he became painter and valet de chamber to Philip the good, Duke of Burgundy, and grandson of Philip the bold

Art Movement

Jan was part of the renaissance movement. He was known as one of the leading painters. He discovered Flemish painting. Jan brought the oil technique to life. Others tried to copy his oil painting, but couldn't protect it like Jan did. His style focused on realism and his oil medium.

This is my favorite work by Jan because it brings two different things into one master piece. I like the way the woman looks realistic, but yet she has wings which aren't real. The color value all matches together and the shading makes it dark but not too much. I like the texture of the wings and balance within the picture. It looks balanced because the wings match the size of the woman's body. The placement of her hand makes my eyes move to her face which lead me to her wings, which are my favorite part.