Super Amazing Swordfish

Slashing their prey with their scary sword


When you think of a swordfish, do you think of misunderstood animals because of their scary sword? Or do you think of killing animals, with the ocean under their control? Well if so both of them are wrong. They are just in between. They don’t need your attention, and they don’t control the sea. (If the Great White Shark and the killer whale go extinct, then they will rule the sea.)


As you can see these creatures are truly amazing, slashing prey, and weighing the same as 650 sugar bags these amazing sea creatures are AMAZING!

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My aquarium has 20 gallons of tropical fish and decorations like no other! The gravel is many colors so it fits in with the Green Mandarin Goby’s beautiful colors, including black, orange,green,blue,red, and purple. The decorations range from an awesome background, to an amazing dragon! And their are 5 really cool snails that make the tank look like a real under water habitat.