Checkpoints of My Life

Alexander Chan

About Me

I'm fascinated by the wonders and opportunities associated with travel. The enjoyment that accompanies the witnessing of a natural phenomenon or an impressive piece of architecture is awe inspiring - especially because there are endless possibilities to do so throughout the world. For me, I prefer more of a serene and natural element added to the destinations I travel to. Places such as Italy, where the sea plays a large role within the culture found, piques my interest. However, despite my love for natural beauty, I also enjoy experiencing the cuisine and luxuries provided at any given destination. Therefore, my travel options expand to include places such as France or San Diego, allowing for more diverse choices and overall fulfillment.
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As previously mentioned, Italy is my top destination to visit. Not only do I love the cuisine, but the culture and location make for a trip to be a joyous occasion. The canals, the architecture, the hospitality, and the overall passion found in Italy can make it a one a of kind experience for anyone. In addition, the rich history provides an educational aspect to the country as well. I look forward to riding in a gondola through Venice, and seeing the whole of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person, not to mention chowing down on some authentic Italian food!
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Pretty Colours - The Northern Lights

This one should not be very difficult, seeing as how we live in Canada. The Aurora Borealis is an amazing natural phenomenon found, well, in the north. The mixing of colours, swirls, and stars seem to create a mysterious yet awesome atmosphere that I want to feel for myself. Despite the cold, this is better than any light show in a concert!