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From Student to Teacher

Since I last wrote, I've switched back from “Khmer student” to “English/French teacher.” My Khmer lessons were awesome and so helpful. I can’t attend that language school while Logos is in session, but I’ll continue weekly Khmer lessons with a friend and hopefully hang out with my summer tutors occasionally. Speaking of language study, to learn some fun English vocab describing quirks of Phnom Penh life, visit my blog at

Praise God for students sharing their faith.

Cambodians Thida and Narong graduated from Logos in 2011. They recently had a long talk with their older brother, who has always mocked them for believing in God and said Christians were crazy. They explained some of their reasons for accepting Christ and emphasized their love for him and their parents no matter their beliefs. Their brother was moved to tears and shows a new respect for their faith. Several senior girls have also been reaching out to their Singaporean classmate and close friend. She’s felt conflicted since her family isn’t Christian, but she told a friend she wants to “take the chance to find God and learn about him.” She’s enjoying Bible class for the first time and discussing faith with these friends. Please pray for these Christian students in both situations to be patient and loving, and pray that these not-yet-believers will search for God and embrace Him.

Thank you for praying! God is doing great things in Cambodia and at Logos. :)


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Counterclockwise from top left: 1) at a party with Cambodian colleagues, 2) watching my landlord’s niece Srey Pos pick mangoes from my roof, 3) lunch with ladies from my new Khmer church, 4) a last hangout with sophomore Samedi before she moved to the US