How I Made It To Eighteen

Tracy White


This graphic novel is about an eighteen year old girl Stacey, who hated her life, had a breakdown, was admitted into a mental hospital. She was facing boyfriend issues, mother-related issues, poor drinking habits and anorexia problems. This is the author's first story and it is based on her own life.

My Opinions

Favorite Character: None because all of the characters have a lot of disturbing thoughts and issues.

Favorite Quote: "It can take weeks to look perfect."

Review: This story of an eighteen year old girl who is going through a very hard is a perfect inspiration for anyone who is going through the same problem, it shows there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Tracy White is a role model for anyone who needs this kind of help, she demonstrates that no matter how long you feel depressed or when you can't love yourself there is always hope and you will succeed in the end if you try.