Kids need help with volume

Kids everywhere have no where to turn with volume issues

The Problem

For years kids have been confused with volume and have had trouble understanding it when taught by their teachers. They have no where to turn when facing everyday situations about calculating volume. Is there a way out of this tragedy? Is there any hope for them?

We Can Help!

New Volume Booklet!

We are selling a new booklet that is designed to help kids when out in the world. It tells them how to find the volume of spheres, rectangular prisms, triangular pyramids, Cylinders, you name. Parents are also strongly advised to buy them in case they see an unfortunate child who does not have a book, so you can share the knowledge and the joy, of finding volume.

Examples from the book

Volume of Spheres is radius cubed times Pi time four thirds.

Volume of Prisms is Base times height

Volume of Pyramids is Base times height divided by 3


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