Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #14

Happy Friday Orchestra Families!

It is already December and we have had our first few big snows. It feels like summer was yesterday and we are already well on our way to winter. But with winter comes a lot of great things in orchestra!

This week 6th graders really talked about how music tells stories. Music can definitely tell stories through lyrics, but we focused on how classical music tells stories. We watched my favorite clip from Fantasia 2000 to help illustrate classical music. If you haven't seen it in its entirety, I highly recommend renting and watching it over break!

7th graders and I got some new music and started talking about how to make different and advanced sound effects on our instruments as if we were the soundtrack to a movie. It is challenging, yet fun for us to experiment with our new songs!

8th grade is preparing for their holiday performance at Navy Pier! We have 7 pieces on the program and the students are working hard to sound perfect on all of them!

Next weeks rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Monday (12/7) - 7th grade morning rehearsal

Tuesday (12/8) - 8th grade morning rehearsal

Wednesday (12/9) - 7th grade morning rehearsal

Thursday (12/10) - 6th grade morning rehearsal

Friday (12/11) - Wildcat Symphony morning rehearsal

Weekly Lesson Schedules

Thank you again for everyone checking their e-mails and being flexible with weekly lessons. Below is a schedule for the next two weeks - we are just going to keep rotating through our T1 lessons. We are hopefully going to have a big change in scheduling after break. Thank you for being supportive during this transition!
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8th Grade Goes to Navy Pier

On December 15th, the 8th grade orchestra and Jazz Band will be performing at Navy Pier's Winter Wonderfest!

If you have not done so yet, PLEASE turn in your permission slip. It is due by Friday, Dec. 11 but I would very much appreciate them earlier rather than later. Your student cannot go if their slip is not turned in. I have attached an extra copy to this e-mail.

If you are willing and able to chaperone, please let me know!

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Musical Moment of the Week!

Because it is December, we can finally listen to holiday music! All three groups have been working on Carol of the Bells. Please enjoy Trans-Siberian Orchestra's arrangement!
Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra