where do hamsters live?

hamsters live just about any where.Although hamsters live just about any where they can't live in the north or south pole, and for this resongamsters need to live in dry areas such as europe, middel east, asia, syria, and the desert.They dig under ground homes called burrows, they store food, make nest's and play in diferent chambers.Some can steach up to two miles!

what do hamsters look like when they are healthy?

hamsters should be small round and pump with no lumps.They should have claer and bright eyes that shouldn't be clouded over.They should have soft and silky fur thats not mated.Their noses shouldent be running.If their rear seems a little wet or they seem less active call the vet immediately.

what are the enimies of hamsters?

Since hamsters are nomally kept as pets they dont have many enimies.some still live in the wild.Here are the names of the enimies that they do have,snakes, hawks, cats, owls, foxes, dogs, and other hamsters.If you have any of these pets make sure they sty out of the room your hamster is in.

How long do hamsters live?

hamsters live 3-5 yearsif treated right.They can get hurt if you drop them or if they get out and chew on electrical wires.If you have your hamster in your room you might have a hard time sleeping.When you put your hamster in its hamsrer ball only leave it in there for 20 minuts.NEVER feed your hamster tomatos because it can be fatel or make them really sick.