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December 2014 Volume 2

Meet Our New ESI + DSI 2015 Coordinators

We asked our new staff members to share their favorite dessert, coolest project, and what they're looking forward to so that you can get to know them better. We have a great team for 2015, and are excited to start the programs!

Go Suzui: DSI Japan Coordinator

Rikkyo University | Linfield College

My favorite dessert is...

I love a chocolate cake.

The coolest project I worked on was...

Fundraising as a member of Care International Japan that is one of the INGOs.

I am looking forward to...

Making a global youth network for social innovation with skills of design thinking.

Rena Okabe: DSI Japan Coordinator

Rikkyo University

My favorite dessert is...

Any fruits especially strawberry, Cake, and Ice Cream (but i would say any dessert will be ok for me!)

The coolest project I worked on was..

Beauty project for Japanese Tsunami children relief in Seattle.

I'm looking forward to...

Making connections, Learning about design thinking to be able to come up with creative and innovative ideas, Knowing people from Stanford, Achieving a project as a team, Working with people having different thoughts and values, Being a global leader, and Making a voice to share my ideas.

Yoshitaka Miura: ESI Japan Coordinator

Kyoto University - Psychology

My favorite dessert is...

Cheese cake. During my childhood, I used to cook it.

The coolest project I've worked on was...

TEDxKyoto. I worked with diverse people including totally different backgrounds. I had some difficulties in working as a volunteer coordinator there. The experience was so much fun.

I'm looking forward to...

Seeing other people and hear about themselves. Motivation, what makes them passionate, etc.

Eri Suzuki: Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Miratsuku - Research Analyst

My favorite dessert is...


The coolest project I've worked on was...
Can't pick one...

I'm looking forward to...

Learning new things and sharing what I've learned

Sophia Tai: Program Assistant

National Taiwan Normal University - Curriculum & Instruction (Graduate Studies)

My favorite dessert is...

It doesn't stay the same all the time. Recently, my favorite dessert is apple pie:).

The coolest project I've worked on was...

In 2010, my team members and I built a stairway from scratch in a mountain indigenous village. It used to be very steep and hard for the elderly to walk. We worked with the local people and learned how to mix the concrete, shape the stairs, and measure the angles. It's not a big deal, but has been memorable to me.

I'm looking forward to...

Feeling inspired during the program.

ESI + DSI 2015 Application Deadline Extended to December 20!

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