Happy labor Day Weekend!

Rules for Success

What a great Promo!!!

How excited are you guys about this promotion???!!!

I am crazy excited about this! What better reason to call some of your best clients, or hold an open house this weekend? I am doing both! I have already sent out a news letter (I believe I sent it to you as well) feel free to copy and paste anything you like. I am promoting the product and its benefits throughout all media forums I have. I actually got my first sale via Twitter!!! I still have no cpu what I am doing, but I am going to be persistent with technology, because people love it!

I am also going to hold and open house monday. I chose Monday because it is supposed to rain here all day, so people may want to escape their kids and check stuff out. Either way it gives me another opportunity to get product out and play with it!

So let me know if you need some help deciding how to tackle this promo, setting up an open house or even with emails. *Be sure to set up and use either Mailchimp or Smore to send out newsletters, both apps allow you to see who opens your emails and if they click on your links! This is super helpful for followups!

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I wanted to share with you guys a great video I found this morning on Success. As you all know Oprah is one of the more successful women of our time. So naturally when I am searching for motivation, and a path to follow, she comes to mind. I hope you find this video helpful. Whether you are hosting a TV show or Selling Healthy products for a living, all of these life lessons apply! Take a minute to watch, it is totally worth it!!
Oprah Winfrey's Top 10 Rules For Success


Finally I will leave you with a summary from our last team call about recruiting. There were 8 tips I will lay out for you here and please reach out to me if you need any help or want to create a plan. As you know, depending on your goal, building a team to spread this mission with you will help you succeed. The more women we lock arms with, the farther this message will spread. You can do this, here are some tips how to do it!

  • Don't wait for the perfect time! Kids are going back to school, the holidays are coming, now is the time to get your team ready to sell for the holidays. You don't need to know everything, I am here to help!

  • Don't Fret

There are simple tools to help you. BTC is filled with helpful flyers

Know your WHY story

Videos can help as well (MSNBC)

  • Potential recruits are everyone, pay attention to who is around you
  • When people compliment you on your work, offer the opportunity
  • Use you 100 person contact list and refer to it often
  • Always have something to invite people to i.e.; Open House, Opp call, Meeting
  • Listen for verbal clues, what do they need, how would this help their life
  • Don't wait for people to approach you!

I just sent out a flyer yesterday to all my clients and friends, about 100 people. I told them I was looking for people to join me in this mission. I asked them to refer friends to me who might be looking for new work. I have had 2 emails today with interest. You never know who may want to join you. Don't pre judge!

Always know that I am available for 3 way calls, or in person meetings. Note that Natalie is coming to Birmingham this month and it is a regional meeting. These are the best events to bring people to so I encourage you to send someone or bring them with you!! I am hoping to be there, although it is the day after I get back from Ojai so we will see if my kids haven't killed my husband by then!! :)

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Incentive Winner!!

And finally last months incentive winner is…..

Jennifer Smith

They release their new collection today at 4pm, so Jennifer I will be sending you the gift card momentarily! Congrats!

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