Once upon a whale

A Jonah Hood story


Roshua was a 24 year old man who lived in never land Florida and loves to surf.

Rising action and climax

When Roshua woke up he felt strange probably because he went surfing for a long time and didn't get much sleep that night. Roshua began to grow web like feet and hands so he consulted a doctor and they had no idea of what was going on with Roshua. Roshua started getting immense pain so he went to the extreme and talked to a witch doctor and she said that he had been cursed.

Falling action

The witch doctor told Roshua that since he had been cursed in the sea that he has to kiss the sea queen (the whale princess) before he turned into a fish. Roshua began studying the whale queen and started to get interested in her. When Roshua was ready he started to be able to breathe under water. Roshua told his town that he was off to save himself from becoming a fish.


Roshua traveled for two days before found the whale princes. When he found the whale princess he told her his story and she thought it was sketchy. When the whale princess said that Roshua said "I swear on my life that I am telling the truth" the whale princess then said she would do it and so they both said "And we'll live happily ever after."