Happy July!

Arbonne News & Specials

Hello Friends!
How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! It feels like summer is flying by already!! I wish you all a very happy and safe Independence Day, whether you're at home with family and friends or vacationing!

Thank you for taking a minute to check out what's happening in July! New makeup brushes debuting this month and mango pineapple fit chews are back for summer!
Check out the 'trending' section for colors you may have seen on the TV anchors and celebrities - coral lipstick and pink gloss - so pretty and flattering for many skin tones! Bronzer is always great for summer, too, and super easy to apply and go!

I love serving you and helping you get amazing, natural products for you and your family - pure, safe, beneficial!

All the best,
Brooke ;-)

Notes from the last newsletter...
1. Do you know anyone in Poland? The Arbonne business opportunity and products are launching there this coming September! www.arbonne.pl Exciting!!
2. Note to folks with gmail accounts: Some friends have told me they aren't receiving my newsletters or any other emails. They have been found in their spam boxes - so check there and add me (peasoupba@yahoo.com) to your contacts! I'm sorry this is happening; not sure why.

It's baaaaack! Get a discount membership for just $10 - not $20!!!!

I'm bringing back the popular discounted cost (half off!) of the Preferred Client membership for this month! This is a great deal and there's nothing to lose - except maybe some wrinkles, ha, ha. :-) Look at ALL the PERKS!!
--costs $10 (normally $20)
--20% off for a whole year - no required purchases or minimums
--optional renewal next year
--**NEW Preferred Clients have the opportunity to get a 40% off deal in the signup month - use all for yourself or split with a friend!
--**NEW Preferred Clients get a $50 product FREE when ordering $150+ (get your discount on this too) in your signup month
--shop from home online with your own ID # (I'm happy to order for you if you like.)
--products delivered right to your door step
--get $125 in products for just $25 with each $250 order increment
--earn $10 towards your next order when you purchase $150 retail (and get your 20% off)
***Contact me to get your discount - so easy! Name, address, phone, email, month/date/year of birth - that's it!
More information from Arbonne about this

Great products, especially for summer!! The gelee is amazing for sunburn!!

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New Opportunity Video!

This new opportunity video makes me want to join Arbonne again and again! Find out more about the science behind our products, our people, and how you can live life on YOUR terms (not someone else's!). 6 minute video - check it out! https://www.arbonne.com/opportunity.asp


The 'hot' things for summer...
divine plum eye shadow (this is very pretty on - beautiful, especially if you have dark eyes!); bronzer, coral reef lipstick, posh (pink) lip gloss, FC5 skin conditioning oil, and a few more things! See here!

Virtual Catalog!

Look on the go at our new catalog, in a nice, smaller size!!
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30 Days of Healthy Living - AMAZING results photos below!

An Arbonne "sister's" husband did our 30 day healthy living plan and lost 17 pounds! No exercise - just 2 shakes per day and clean eating! WOW!!! Check out these amazing before/after pictures...