By: Liz Brooke and Abby

Who is a citizen?

  1. If you were born in the U.S. you are a citizen
  2. If one of your parents is a U.S. citizen when you are born then you are a citizen!
  3. You can go through the naturalization process if you're from a different country.
  4. If your parents were naturalized before you were 18 then you are a citizen!

How can you become naturalized?

You have to first fill out and send in an application. You then have to learn the history of the U.S. and the Constitution. You also have to know English. You then have to learn the values, duties, responsibilites and rights of U.S. citizens. After all of that is done you have to take a naturalization test and if you pass, you're a citizen!
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Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of Citizens


A right is something protected by the U.S. government.


- Being able to vote and be in office

-Being able to say/ read/ write what you want

-Being able to practice any religion

-Have a fair trial

-Be protected when in another country

-Equal respect, freedom, equality, and justice!

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Duties are when you obey the law! They go anywhere from making sure you stop at a stop sign to murder laws.

- No one is more important then the law, not even the president!

-You have to defend the nation, men have to sign up when they're 18 they need to sign up to be eligible for the draft. Women can volunteer when they're 18!

-You have to serve on a jury if you're chosen in order to keep a fair trial!

-Serving as a witness, if the court calls you to the stand you must share what you know!

-You must pay all the taxes you owe in order to keep schools, government and special services running!

-You must attend school until you are 18!

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Responsibilities are things that a citizen doesn't have to do, but they should do for the common good of society.

-Voting in elections

-Help candidates in their campaigns

-Talk to the government and tell them your ideas!

-Volunteer in the community by doing community service!

-Help the unfortunate


What it means to be a volunteer?

What is the "Office of Citizen"?

The citizens have power!

You need to be born or naturalized to have this power.

The people have the power to decide what the government can or can't do.

The elected representatives speak out for us citizens!

We could kick the people out of office if they're doing a bad job.

Citizens give their power to the representatives.

The power given to the representatives lets them be able to make laws!

Because of all the rights and things that citizens can do citizens can hold office! Unless they're naturalized, then they cannot be a representative.

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