By: Megan Mendez

The Values of Photosynthesis

The values of photosynthesis is making food for the plant, and to provide oxygen for animals. The plant needs to go through photosynthesis because plants don't consume their own food unlike animals. Animals get their food by eating producers and other consumers, but it's a little more complex for the producer. While in the process of photosynthesis, the plant produces a waste product which is oxygen. Plants provide 90% oxygen and this is all the outcome of photosynthesis.

The Photosynthesis Process

Before the whole process of photosynthesis, plants need 3 key things! The three things include Carbon Dioxide(reactants), Water(reactants), & Sunlight. First the plant takes carbon dioxide and H2O, and uses sunlight to get glucose(product) & a waste product which is oxygen(product). The plant gets carbon dioxide when humans or animals exhale. It would get its water from humans watering the plants or rainfall. If the plants don't have one of the key things they can't go through the process of photosynthesis. One last thing occurs during photosynthesis, an energy transformation. The transformation that occurs is :radiant energy to chemical energy.

More General Information about Photosynthesis

Chloroplast Importance

The chloroplast is the cell organelle where photosynthesis takes place. Which generally means the chloroplast helps makes photosynthesis occur. Here's an example: to cook the most important thing is the ingredients, but don't you need bowls, pots, & kitchen utensils?

The Photosynthesis Formula

A)6CO2+B)6H2O->radiant energy->C)C6 H12 6O2 & D)6O2

A=Carbon Dioxide




Plants Place on the Food Chain

On a food chain, plants are very important because a herbivore gets eaten by a carnivore but if the herbivore couldn't eat the producer (plants), the herbivore would die. Which would mean omnivores and carnivores would die. Their exact place on the food chain is at the beginining
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