Three in Two (with a bonus)

Spend 2 quick minutes exploring 4 Connected Educators

This week: Connected Educator Month - who do you follow?

There are any number of professional development opportunities available to educators who have tired of the traditional "sit n git" workshop model. The real power behind these tools is the people you meet: talented individuals who share their knowledge, experience, successes (and failures) generously and frequently. The chance to connect with educators happens all day long; the super teachers featured here prove that.
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Emmanuel Andre (@MrEandre)

Early risers can often find Mr. Andre at #BFC530, keeping the chat moving with thoughtful questions that stimulate conversation. He uses that same unique insight to help teachers improve their practice by figuring out what PD works for them.

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Barbara Cotter (@BcCotter)

Attend an edWeb webinar and hope that Barbara is there - her presence and the resources she suggests enhance every session. Barbara's personal database of websites and documents is awe-inspiring; her talent sets a new standard for digital curation.

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Natalie Krayenvenger & Sean Gaillard, #EdBeat hosts

These two people (@NKrayenvenger and @smgaillard, respectively) changed the way I viewed Twitter. What was a confusing stream of information became a community of positive people looking to share ideas about teaching and learning. Their EdBeat rocks!