The best apps for you!

And they're all free!


A creative app that allows you to record your voice and share it to create free geolocalized audioguides. It's fun, it's free, and it's supported by iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Blackberry. Accessible to everyone, and it is a great way to making learning more exciting.

How to use it in the classroom: Assign students the task of researching a place, and creating their own tour audioguide with facts and the history of the place assigned.


Create video collages from photos, video clips, or text! You can choose what you like to upload from your mobile device or computer, add any music you would like from your music library, and Animoto will put it together with your choice of theme. A great resource for visual learners and students who like to use technology and take photos!

How to use it in the classroom: On a field trip, students can record and document the day on their mobile devices through photos or videos. At the end of the day, assign students to create a video via Animoto to highlight their favourite parts and explain why and what they learned!


An app that allows people to create their own story and have it in a book format electronically. You can even add your own images and sound clips.

This would be an excellent tool for students in elementary or junior high to use. As a teacher, you can assign the students something to write about, or it could be used just as a creative writing tool as well.


Create your own animated story with characters of your own creation! This app works by putting on a virtual puppet show and recording the performance. You pick a story arc, draw your characters, add some music, give it a title and then voila! It is very easy to use and accessible for everyone!

How to use it in a classroom: great for elementary students. After reading a story, assign students to create a sequel or prequel to the story using the same characters and have them create it on Toontastic!


This app is great for any student who needs help studying or getting organized while studying. Mobl21 is a way to create electronic flashcards, study guides, and quizzes to help students prepare for exams. Rather than write out 40 little cue cards, you can make life easier by doing it on a mobile device, and the accessibility is just a click away!

How to use it in a classroom: because this is a study app, as a teacher I would encourage students to use the app to prepare for any tests or quizzes.