special education teacher!!:)

working with loving kids!:)

what are the perks for this job???

their are a lot of perks from this job, such as you get to work with kids that are unique, their never the same. another perk of being a special education teacher is that its different day to day, you can have one thing planed and something come up and it changes your whole day. theirs always a surprise!:)

what do you do?!?!?!?!

Being a special education teacher that works with preschool – 12 grade. Special education teachers have a lot of advantages like they get to work with different personalities, their never the same. You also get the sense of that you are being smiles to their faces and changing their lives, and I believe that this is the best part.  This is why I believe that this is the best job and that it is very advantaging to you, you might be at work but you still have fun with their different personality’s

The fun things you get to do!!:)