Ms. Price's Class Newsletter

April 20, 2015

STAAR Math and Reading on Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week:

You may only bring your lunch to school.

DO NOT bring: cell phone, backpack, binder, snack, water bottle

A snack and water will be provided.

No lunch visitors on STAAR testing days. (Monday-Wednesday: 5th grade on Monday)

What We Will Learn This Week

Language Arts

Comprehension Focus: Relevant Review for STAAR and Research to prepare for Novel Study

Vocabulary Focus: Relevant Review for STAAR

Amazing Words: (understand the word meaning - not spelling)

Relevant Review for STAAR

Writing: Writing about Reading

Written Conventions Focus: Review of Punctuation and Capitalization


Relevant Review for STAAR


Environmental Factors

Homework! Let's keep our stamina going....

Please help your child be responsible and accountable for doing their Homework daily.

Reading (30 minutes) - iStation OR Book of Choice

Math (30 minutes) - Think Through Math and learn those multiplication math facts

Spelling (10 minutes minimum) - study the pattern, practice the spelling, look for words that fit the pattern

Date Reminders

Monday, April 20 - STAAR 5th Grade - NO campus visitors

Tuesday, April 21 - STAAR Math (4th grade) - NO campus visitors

Wednesday, April 22 - STAAR Reading (4th grade) - NO campus visitors